Guarantee applications for the Technology Fund

Companies producing innovative products aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions can receive support for their guarantee. Below, the steps to follow.

Since November 1, 2014, companies that meet the following criteria can use the Technology Fund set up by the Confederation.

  • Companies developing technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy efficiency, and encourage the use of renewable energy and the conservation of natural resources.
  • Companies offering innovative products or processes that are likely to become the market standard.
  • Companies offering a solvency guarantee.
  • Companies with a head office in Switzerland.

If their application is approved, the companies will receive a confirmation for a guarantee. The guarantee is then issued to banks and to other lenders. The guarantee extends for up to a maximum of CHF 3 million and covers all or part of the guaranteed loan and interest payable. The maximum term of the loan is 10 years.

The Technology Fund was set up as part of the CO2 Act and is a political instrument of the Confederation’s climate policy. A budget of CHF 25 million has been earmarked for the fund up to 2020. It aims to fill the funding gap during the marketing phase and make it easier for SMEs to access third-party funds. An external office, managed by Emerald Technology Ventures and South Pole Carbon, assesses the applications and monitors the guarantees. A guarantee committee composed of representatives of the Confederation and the private sector reviews the applications. At the end of the process, the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) makes the decision to grant the guarantee.

Does your SME meet the criteria of the Technology Fund? Test your compatibility and fill out an online application at


Last modification 27.02.2020

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