Recruiting staff: Finding staff in-house and outside the company

One of the main tasks of staff management is finding new employees. As a general rule, two options are available, for both large companies and SMEs: in-house recruitment and external recruitment.

The advantages of in-house recruitment are obvious: companies can avoid certain costs and reduce staff fluctuations. Employees are more motivated when there are in-house opportunities.

However, in-house recruitment can also cause disagreements; for example, when several employees are interested in the same position. It is also more difficult, within an SME, to turn down a person from within the company.

External recruitment of staff is playing an increasingly large and costly role for companies. But it does present decisive advantages: people from outside the company contribute new ideas and new potential. On the other hand, integration of new employees can present some difficulties and entail lengthy training periods.  


Last modification 15.11.2022

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