SME policy: Promoting innovation

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The Confederation actively supports innovation in companies through Innosuisse, the Swiss innovation agency.

Switzerland's economic success relies largely on the innovative capacity of its businesses. For small companies, the trickiest stage is often transforming a good idea into a marketable product. Businesses often lack the resources needed to develop research projects. To support companies through this process, the Confederation uses the services of Innosuisse, the Swiss innovation agency. 

To this end, Innosuisse awards grants for projects developed jointly by the world of research and business. The agency also offers training, coaching services for start-ups and mentoring for established SMEs working on innovation projects. "Innovation checks" are also available to allow companies to find a scientific partner to check the feasibility of an innovative idea. Not only does Innosuisse support tech companies, it also offers support in all business sectors.

Innosuisse initiatives

Innosuisse offers several programs to companies to encourage innovation. For more information, see Promoting innovation: Innosuisse initiatives.


Last modification 15.11.2022

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