Public procurement: Answering a call for tenders

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Public procurement represents a significant part of the Swiss economy. Here is a guide for SMEs interested in answering a call for tenders.

To stimulate competition and guarantee equal opportunities for all businesses, it is important for access to public procurement to be as transparent as possible. Even more so since public procurement carries considerable weight in the Swiss economy: the requirements of the Confederation, cantons and communes total approximately CHF 40 billion a year, i.e. approximately 25% of all public expenditures or 8% of the Swiss GDP.

Facilitated procedures

In this context, the possibilities for standardization offered by the Internet are considerable. The platform, used by the Confederation, cantons and communes, facilitates procedures, both for public authorities as well as private companies interested in answering a call for tenders.

Preventing corruption

The Federal Council does its utmost to prevent cases of corruption in the federal administration. In 2003, it published a report in which it presents all the measures and instruments provided to combat this phenomenon. Public procurement constitutes one of the most sensitive areas in preventing corruption and therefore is subject to specific measures, such as the integrity clause in public procurement, Confederation courses for executives and training seminars and internal audit systems (Korruptionsprävention (only in german)).

Source: Swiss Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics, OFCL, March 2014


Last modification 05.03.2020

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