Employment law: legal foundations

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For both employers and employees, knowing your rights and obligations is vital. Here is an overview of current rules in Switzerland.

Any company director should be aware of some of the foundations of employment law. Regulating relations between employers and workers, these laws enable companies to run smoothly.

For SMEs, the most important rules are to be found in the Code of Obligations (CO), which governs, among other things, the employment contract, and in the Employment Law (LTr), which deals with many other points such as working hours, breaks or agreements on the protection of young people and women.

The website of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) offers a great deal of information and advice about employment law. This section of the SME Portal summarizes the key points. It also provides links to the SECO website pages that deal with each subject in detail.


Last modification 30.01.2024

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