SMEs adopt cloud computing


Increasingly used by companies, cloud computing makes it possible to store large volumes of data on secure external servers.

Definition and example of uses

Cloud computing refers to the storage of and access to data via internet rather than via a computer hard drive. This is a remote infrastructure (servers, hard drives, networks or data centers) which can be rented by companies from time to time.

Cloud computing makes it possible to host applications, share software or work collaboratively by sharing information and applications. For the general public, the best-known services on which users can store documents, photos or music on the network are those provided by Google Drive, Dopbox, Microsoft Onedrive or Apple iCloud. However, there are also specialized clouds offers for businesses. A variety of Swiss companies offer these services to SMEs that wish to entrust their data to them.

Opportunities for Swiss SMEs

Switzerland is the second most attractive country in Europe for setting up data centers after the Netherlands. In 2021, according to CBRE the country counted 93 data centers.

Cloud outsourcing is of increasing interest to companies as it is often less expensive than internal data management. An SME that does not have the necessary resources is therefore not obliged to invest in a computer park and has easy access to documents. This is particularly useful for temporary positions. Outsourcing also allows for flexibility with respect to changes, storage space, membership period and the number of users which can be adjusted as needed. Furthermore, confidentiality is often better assured by a professional provider.

However, since the cloud is, by definition, shared, it is advisable to keep the most sensitive data internally. In addition, storage in the cloud implies a dependence on the provider.

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