Guarantees: Access to financing

Getting a bank loan is not always easy. The Confederation supports various guarantee cooperatives that are useful for SMEs. 

Setting up or developing a business often requires raising significant capital. To obtain these funds, entrepreneurs may not only search for external investors, but also borrow from a bank.

Supported by the Confederation, guarantee cooperatives enable SMEs to obtain bank loans more easily. In fact, these organizations can provide guarantees to the banks that lend money to businesses. Currently, Switzerland has three regional guarantee cooperatives, along with a national structure dedicated to women:

These cooperatives guarantee loans of up to 1 million CHF. The Confederation insures up to 65% of the associated risk of loss. The authorities also pay a proportion of their administrative costs. 

Applications for guarantees must be sent directly to the competent guarantee cooperatives.


Last modification 06.05.2021

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