A man performs calculations using a calculator. In the foreground is a piggy bank
A man performs calculations using a calculator

Accounting and auditing: Everything you need to know about finances and controlling

Clear accounting is a prerequisite for the success of any business. Those who practice meticulous accounting for inflows and outflows keep a firm hand on their company’s financial situation.
Six hands each deposit a coin in a piggy bank

Financing: Overview of sources of financing

Financing is an essential part of creating a company or developing a business. This overview, which provides details about the different sources of financing, is a good starting point on the topic.
Three wooden blocks marked with the letters t, a and x are placed on a notebook. In the foreground are a calculator and a pen

List of taxes for entrepreneurs

The independent entrepreneurs, the limited companies and the limited liability companies have the obligation to pay taxes to the State.
A man holds a domino game with his hands

Managing strategic and operational risk

Risk management enables a company to evaluate the opportunities and risks so that it can meet the objectives set, even if daily occurrences do not match expectations. Here’s an explanation.

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