SME Policy: Developing e-governance

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The Swiss authorities are establishing online services to make it possible for SMEs to perform their administrative tasks more efficiently.

How can the administrative burden on companies be reduced to a minimum? In 2007, the Confederation launched a vast program to computerize public agencies. Its goal is to develop e-governance, in other words electronic processing of all kinds of administrative actions that were previously done on paper. is the only e-governance portal for companies. is a user-friendly way for SMEs and company founders to carry out their administrative obligations at any time and to focus on their core business.

Currently, offers the following e-governance services: company establishment, registration with the Trade Register, VAT, social security (AVS) and accident insurance registration, changes to the Trade Register and obligations to be carried out with the tax authorities. By the end of 2019, the administrative procedures most in demand will appear on and may be carried out by companies electronically.

Other examples of projects successfully completed in the area of e-governance:

  • SuisseID, a standardized proof of identity in Switzerland, used as a legally valid electronic signature as well as secure authentication
  • E-invoice, a secure system for paying invoices online
  • E-dec web, an online application for filling out customs declarations
  • E-trademark, a platform which makes it possible to register a trademark on the Internet
  •, a portal that displays public calls for tenders launched by Swiss authorities
  • The SME portal, an information site for entrepreneurs in Switzerland (on which this text are found)
  • And much more

The Online Desk of the SME portal brings together the main Internet services created for companies by the Confederation:

The Swiss e-governance strategy

E-governance saves companies time. The Swiss authorities have established a strong policy in the area of e-government.

SECO initiatives

The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) is one of the main organizations responsible for applying the “Swiss E-Government” strategy.

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Last modification 27.08.2018

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