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Marketing and marketing concept: tools to increase sales

Marketing cannot be summarized as solely market analysis and advertising. A well thought-out strategy guarantees long-term growth. Find out more.
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Intellectual property: Protect your innovations and creations

How do you protect your technical inventions and other designs, such as your logo and product names? A guide.
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Social networks: Best practices guide

Social networks help you get closer to your customers. But good online communication means following certain rules.
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E-commerce: creating ergonomic and secure websites

What do you need to consider when creating an online store? Here is an overview covering issues such as general conditions, SuisseID, and payment methods.
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Standards and quality guarantees/labels: the offer in Switzerland

ISO standards, environmental protection labels, technical control acronyms: presentation of the main certification bodies.
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IT and infrastructure: tips

IT, effective information technology and appropriate means of communication all contribute greatly to a company's success.
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Public procurement: Answering a call for tenders

Companies can take part in calls for tenders offered by the Confederation, cantons and communes on the platform.
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Labeling: what is the system?

From consumers requiring increasingly detailed information to constantly changing regulations, it is difficult to know what information should appear on a product and how it should be displayed. Here are the key labeling requirements in Switzerland.


Last modification 06.12.2022

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