E-commerce: creating ergonomic and secure websites

Close-up of a computer keyboard key with a shopping cart on it.

Online commerce helps SMEs access many potential customers, while reducing the number of intermediaries and costs. What is the best way of taking advantage of this opportunity? Here are some practical tips. 

In Switzerland, internet shopping has been developing at an extremely fast pace for several years. And consumers are well aware of its benefits. They can now obtain information on products, compare them, swap opinions, and pay for purchases anywhere in the world.

For an SME, online sales represent an unparalleled opportunity for growth. But also a challenge to be met, as competition is increasing at an alarming rate. SMEs are directly confronted with large multinationals, which generally have more significant means at their disposal to develop and maintain their online stores.

With one click of the mouse, consumers can jump from one website to another. And, in the eyes of a consumer, both small and larger companies are all on an equal footing. In this context, an SME can utilize core strengths such as its closeness to the market.

This section explains the main areas to consider when creating or operating an e-commerce website.



Useful legal information and practical advice online for e-commerce:

Last modification 24.11.2022

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