Boom in Electric Cars

An electric car recharging s its battery.

Boom in Electric Cars

(29.03.2023) The proportion of electric vehicles will increase significantly in the coming years. According to the industry association auto-suisse, almost half of all cars in circulation in 2025 will be rechargeable from the electricity grid, compared with about a quarter in 2022.

"Swisstainable Destination", a sustainability program for tourism

A church in a verdant setting amidst the mountains.

"Swisstainable Destination", a sustainability program for tourism

(29.03.2023) Starting in April, the Swiss tourism industry will extend its sustainability program Swisstainable to the country's tourist destinations. Launched two years ago and adopted by 1,700 establishments, the tool helps promote the implementation of concrete sustainable measures within the industry.

Entrepreneurial climate improves

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Entrepreneurial climate improves

(22.03.2023) Despite a few shortcomings, Switzerland remains a favorable country for entrepreneurship. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor's (GEM) National Entrepreneurship Context Index (NECI), the country ranks 8th with a score of 5.8. This is Switzerland's highest ranking since 2019.

Anticipated contraction in foreign trade

Boxes stacked in a warehouse.

Anticipated contraction in foreign trade

(22.03.2023) Swiss exports stagnated in 2022 and will likely remain subdued this year. The Allianz Trade Export Forecast stood at 1.26 points in February 2023, up 0.14 points from the last measurement in November 2022.

Machine industry: good performance but mixed prospects

A worker examining thin metal cylinders.

Machine industry: good performance but mixed prospects

(15.03.2023) The machinery industry, electrical equipment industry, and metal industry (MEM) along with related technological sectors are performing better than expected. Swissmem, the umbrella organization for the MEM sector, reported that despite the decline in international orders in the third quarter of 2022, industry sales increased by 9.4% for the year.

Pratical knowledge

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Setting up

Checklists and detailed information about setting up a business: choosing the right legal structure, steps to follow for market analysis, business plans and registration in the trade register.
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Practical tips for running a business successfully: innovation methods, marketing tools, product certification and social media presence using e-commerce.
Praktische Informationen zur Firmenübergabe und Firmenübernahme


Tips for transferring and taking over a business: the various scenarios, the business valuation methods and setting the purchase price. The procedure to follow in the event of liquidation.
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All you need to know about loans, leasing and factoring, traditional and alternative financing plans, economic promotion, tax relief and risk management.

Foreign trade

Useful information for SMEs on foreign trade: federal customs administration and formalities for import-export, opening an establishment or a subsidiary abroad, risk control.
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Here you will find legal provisions, relevant facts and information on staff management: recruitment, staff development, partial unemployment and social insurance, labor law, occupational safety.

Facts and Trends

SME facts figures Swiss Growth Policy

Facts and figures on SMEs in Switzerland

The Confederation actively supports SMEs, major players in the economy. Explanations and statistics.

Digitalization of SMEs in Switzerland: A key factor

Companies must adapt their operations and digitalize to remain competitive. Definitions and examples.
Tips for making one's SME 'greener' and optimising its production

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Turning to corporate social responsibility is a way for SMEs to become greener and more socially conscious and therefore optimize their production.

Online services


Newsletter PME

News and useful information for founders and entrepreneurs.

Guide to promotion activities

Alexander Sollberger, President of the "Ma Commune" Association

Alexander Sollberger, President of the "Ma Commune" Association

"Digital transformation is a great opportunity for rural communities"

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Events for young entrepreneurs, managers, owners and decisionmakers in SMEs.