Hotel loans to offset fluctuations

The Confederation supports SMEs in the tourism sector through the Société suisse de crédit hotelier, which grants loans with advantageous terms.

The Société suisse de crédit hôtelier (SCH) supports businesses providing accommodation by granting them loans at preferential rates. Co-financed by the Confederation, this cooperative is aimed in particular at hotels in tourist regions subject to significant seasonal fluctuations. These businesses often lack sufficient equity to finance new infrastructures, even if they are profitable.

Apart from granting loans under advantageous terms, the SCH helps hotels and other businesses offering accommodation to develop business models and benchmarking and feasibility studies. The organization has several decades of experience in the accommodation sector in Switzerland, and contributes significant added value to the projects it supports.

Through the SCH, the Confederation seeks to increase the appeal of the accommodation offerings in Switzerland to respond to the increase in international competition and to uphold sustainable development principles from an economic, social and environmental point of view.

Last modification 12.03.2020

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