SME policy

Switzerland plays an active role in supporting companies. This section presents the various initiatives in Switzerland's SME support policy.

Simplifying administration

Too much bureaucracy slows down companies. The SME portal presents initiatives that Switzerland has introduced to reduce the administrative burden.

Developing e-governance

The Swiss authorities are establishing online services to make it possible for SMEs to conduct their administrative tasks more efficiently.

Promoting innovation

Innovation is a driver of the Swiss economy. The SME portal presents Innosuisse, the Swiss innovation agency.

Facilitating access to financing

Do you need capital to establish a company? The SME portal shows the various financing systems supported by the Confederation.

Encouraging exports

The Switzerland Global Enterprise (SGE) agency is committed to helping SMEs increase their sales abroad.

Export risk insurance

Selling your products overseas is not without risk. Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV) offers SMEs helpful protection.

Professional training

Swiss SMEs need a qualified labour force. The Confederation works to strongly promote apprenticeships and continuing professional development.

Reconciling work and family

Taking family needs into account benefits companies. The Confederation encourages flexibility in personnel management within SMEs.