Foreign trade

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Importing for SMEs: How to import merchandise from abroad

Importing SMEs are required to declare all goods crossing the Swiss border to the Swiss Customs Administration (FCA).
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Exporting for SMEs: customs declarations and other formalities

Swiss SMEs exporting products overseas need to consider a certain number of formalities, including a mandatory export declaration.
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How to choose your partner country

For an SME, foreign trade can represent an extraordinary growth opportunity. But the partner country must be chosen with care.
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Why establish a subsidiary overseas?

Setting up a subsidiary overseas can prove decisive in establishing a company on a new market. However, this is a process that requires significant planning.
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Switzerland Global Enterprise: support for company export activities

Switzerland Global Enterprise, the center of competence for the promotion of foreign trade in Switzerland, offers various programs supporting SMEs.
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Protection against import-export risks

Swiss SMEs working in the import-export sector are exposed to multiple risks, but protection is available. Here is some advice.
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Trade Fair and Project Committee (TFPC)

Export promotion takes place amongst increasingly globalized competition. In order to support the market presence of Swiss companies, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO provides subsidies which can be utilized for joint promotions abroad.

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