The Swiss public procurement platform

The website offers a large number of public calls for tender in which private companies can take part. Here is an introduction. is the online platform used by the Confederation, cantons and communes in the public procurement sector. Public sector authorities awarding contracts can use the platform very easily to publish calls for tender and various related documents.

SMEs and other interested tenderers benefit from an overview of calls for tender throughout Switzerland. They can download publications and documentation or ask questions directly through a forum.

Confederation thresholds for 2014-2015

All public contracts that reach the following thresholds must be published on

  • CHF 230,000 for supplies
  • CHF 230,000 for services
  • CHF 8.7 million for civil engineering structures
  • CHF 700,000 for supplies and services relating to a contracting authority referred to in Art. 2 (2) LMP and for contracts concluded by the vehicle departments of Swiss Post in the context of their passenger transport business in Switzerland

Cantonal thresholds for 2014-2015

Below you will find the current cantonal thresholds for contracts relating to goods, services, construction and related sectors.

Saving time and money

One of the main advantages of the platform is that it relieves procurement departments of a significant share of their administrative workload. And companies have the advantage, in terms of paper publications, of being up-to-date, being more efficient and making significant savings.

The platform serves more than 2,000 official procurement departments in the Confederation and cantons. It receives over 100,000 visits every month.

Put into operation for the first time in 2002, and used by the Confederation and all cantons since March 1, 2009, the system offers technical harmonization between the various public authorities. It helps facilitate administrative procedures and improve the legal certainty of participants. In short, increases the transparency of public procurement and reduces costs.

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Last modification 27.09.2019

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