Responding to a call for tender

Companies interested in public calls for tender can register on and submit various documents. Here is an overview of the steps to follow. 

The platform allows companies to handle public calls for tender online, from publication through to conclusion of the contract, including provision of specifications, submission of tenders and their evaluation. Here is how an SME can participate in Swiss public procurement:

  • Registration. A company wanting to respond to a call for tender first needs to register as a tenderer. It must indicate its company name, its address and the contact details of its main contact person. Where required, the platform offers a hotline and support on request.
  • Search. All published calls for tender can be viewed using the “search” function, without prior registration. The required keywords simply have to be entered. Registration is required however for downloading call for tender documents and using the platform’s forums.
  • Procedure. The documents to be submitted in order to take part in a call for tender vary depending on the origin of the tendering body (Confederation, canton or commune) and the type of contract. The length of the decision-making process depends on the procedure and the subject matter of the contract. The tender deadline is usually 40 days for open procedures and 25 days for selective procedures.

It should be noted that the services provided by the platform are free. Individual tendering bodies, however, have the right to request the payment of costs for sending out call for tender documents.

Source:, 15.10.2020


Last modification 28.05.2021

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