Support to the digitization of SMEs

At the federal and cantonal level, several associations and platforms support companies in their digital transformation.

For their digital transformation, SMEs can call on Swiss universities, professional networks - umbrella associations, chambers of commerce, economic promotion circles or contact digital consulting agencies and companies. We offer here a non-exhaustive presentation of support bodies.

At the national level


Created in 2015, this initiative brings together private and public organizations. Digitalswitzerland supports the digital transformation of companies. It favors fintech development, cybersecurity and eGovernment. It promotes the implementation of policies and a regulatory framework in the field.


The umbrella organization links political, economic and societal aspects to ensure an environment conducive to the growth of Swiss companies. Economiesuisse supports the digital transformation of SMEs by offering on its website various publications containing useful information for digital transformation.

Swissmem / Industry 2025

As the umbrella company for SMEs and large companies in the Swiss machinery, electric equipment and metals industry, Swissmem promotes digitalization and Industry 4.0 using various measures. It co-founded, in 2015, the Industry 2025 platform which aims to inform, raise awareness, network and promote Swiss companies active in Industry 4.0.


The business association supports gourmets and hoteliers. The organization encourages companies in the industry to adopt an innovation-oriented development. GastroSuisse organizes trainings, offers continuous education courses and publishes a lot of information on its website for the benefit of companies.


ASB, the umbrella association of Swiss banks, advocates for the interests of banks in economic and political circles and to the government, authorities and regulators. The contribution of digital technology enables this sector to see the emergence of new markets, products and services. ASB promotes digital innovations by creating a conducive regulatory framework.


The umbrella association of the Swiss medical profession implements measures to deploy eHealth. FMH works on the integration in the Swiss medical profession of digital tools which can benefit both doctors and patients.


The organization, made up of more than 2,500 members from various Swiss companies and individual members, wishes to promote the growth of companies in information technology (IT), technology and communication. In the field of digitalization, it is developing a tool to assess digital maturity.

At the cantonal level

Economic development

Each canton has a department on economic promotion which provides information to companies and puts them in touch with the right person. Some cantonal services even offer financial assistance for digital technological innovation.


The private law association of cantons of Western Switzerland strengthens the innovative capacity of SMEs coaching companies. Platinn provides companies with skills such as commercial strategies or digital business models that are useful for digital transformation.


The organization organizes events to support companies in the digital transformation process. Alp ICT invites entrepreneurs and experts to share their knowledge on digitalization. Its Headquarters are in Plan-les-Ouates, in the canton of Geneva.

Source : Reread page by Professor Cédric Gaspoz, Dean of the Institute of Digitalization of Organizations (IDO) and of HEG-Arc (August 2019).


Last modification 10.08.2021

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