Office infrastructure: Tips to furnish your office

Like SMEs specializing in services, small businesses also need a basic infrastructure for office administration. 

Office items do not necessarily have to be purchased. Depending on the circumstances, renting or leasing can cost less. Secondhand buys also serve a purpose. But great care must be taken with secondhand buys that do not come with a guarantee. Most of the time, it’s not worth making repairs in an ordinary office infrastructure.

Secondhand furniture can be found on small ad websites. You can also take advantage of good quality products when companies sell their existing infrastructures. The dates of these sales can usually be found in official releases, on company websites, on social networks and in newspapers containing official notices.

Multi-purpose equipment

Rather than buying just a photocopier, buying multi-purpose equipment can be worthwhile. A multi-purpose printer that can connect to the network can markedly reduce purchase costs by combining the office printer, photocopier, scanner and more. Network-connected devices also facilitate expansions of the company, since a limitless number of employees can log on.

Filing and archiving system

Companies need an archiving system not just for the sake of tidiness and efficiency, but also for legal reasons. Entrepreneurs are required to keep and save important documents as set out in the Swiss Code of Obligations (Art. 957 et seq. CO). Correspondence, ledgers and account documents must be kept in written, electronic or other similar form. If documents are archived electronically, companies must ensure that they can always be consulted. This requirement ensures that a court has access to evidence in the event of a dispute involving the company.


Last modification 30.04.2021

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