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Moderate price increases in Switzerland in 2021

(19.01.2022) Consumer prices have risen again in Switzerland. In contrast to 2020’s negative inflation rate of -0.7%, 2021 was characterized by an average annual inflation of 0.6%, according to the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).
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Swiss economy has potential to attract brains from around the world

(19.01.2022) Switzerland remains the most attractive country for talent. The Swiss economy ranks first in the IMD World Talent Ranking, which is compiled by the Lausanne-based IMD Institute. This is the sixth consecutive time that the country has topped this annual ranking.
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Growth forecasts revised downwards in Switzerland

(12.01.2022) The Swiss economy is expected to grow more slowly than anticipated. The Swiss Economic Institute (KOF) has revised its forecast for gross domestic product (GDP) growth downwards to 2.9% for 2022. Last October, the expected increase was still at 3.6%.
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2022 promises to be a good year for exports

(12.01.2022) Swiss exporters are entering the new year with confidence. In Q3 2021, the Export Forecast indicator published by consulting firm Euler Hermes stood at 0.95 points. It suggests double-digit growth for the next six months.
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Women are still reluctant to become entrepreneurs

(05.01.2022) Fewer women start a business than men. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Switzerland ranks 20th for the number of women founders or managers of new businesses within the population.
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Sharp increase in the number of small businesses in Switzerland

(05.01.2022) The Swiss economy relies increasingly on a network of small companies. According to the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), two-thirds of the country's businesses have fewer than three employees.


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Switch to the QR-bill Picks Up Speed

(28.12.2021) The latest survey results from gfs.bern concerning the discontinuation of payment slips show: The switch of companies to the QR-bill picks up speed. Already today, around two thirds of all Swiss companies are planning to complete the switch on time.

Replacement of payment slips – majority of companies have recognized the need for action

(28.07.2021) The latest study by gfs.bern on the replacement of the current payment slips shows that the majority of companies recognize the need for action. After 30 September 2022, payments will no longer be possible in Switzerland using the red and orange payment slips. By this date at the latest, all Swiss companies must be able to issue QR-bills.
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Discontinuation of Payment Slips: Switch to QR-bill or eBill Now

(24.02.2021) PostFinance has set the end date for the current red (IS) and orange (ISR) payment slips as 30 September 2022. It is thereby supporting the digitalization of payment transactions and the corresponding follow-up products QR-bill and eBill. The red and orange payment slips will thus be definitively replaced for all Swiss bank customers. Companies are now required to switch if they have not done so already.


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Companies benefit from EasyGov and SME Portal

(20.11.2018) SME Portal and together generate annual benefits of around CHF 47 million for Swiss companies. According to a SECO study published on 20 November 2018, both of these platforms are highly appreciated by users in the economy. SME Portal alone has over 37,000 users per month.
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The SME Portal is available in English

(12.09.2018) Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, the SME Portal is now available in English. Launched on September 11 by the Secretariat of State for Economic Affairs (SECO), this new version of the site makes thousands of practical and useful information available to English-speaking leaders.

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