Slowdown in the machinery industry

SwissMEM MEM industries machinery electrical equipment metals third quarter 2022 exports decline in orders

(07.12.2022) Concern is growing in the mechanical and electrical engineering industries (MEM) sector. According to the Swissmem trade association, orders fell by 12.4% in the third quarter. In comparison with the second quarter of 2022, incoming orders from abroad have declined by as much as 21.1%.

However, the 2022 fiscal year should remain positive thanks to the early year's results.

In the first three quarters of 2022, sales in the MEM industries rose by 9.6% and exports by 7% year-on-year. All sector product groups saw an improvement in exports: +11% in metals, +7.5% in electrical and electronics, +6.1% in mechanical engineering and +5.3% in precision instruments.

Despite reaching +12.1% in the first half of the year, growth in the third quarter of 2022 has already been slower (4.6%), resulting in a slight decline in the sector's performance over the first three quarters as a whole (9.6%). In fact, the sector is experiencing its weakest growth since the first half of 2021, when growth was still negative due to health restrictions.

The optimism that motivated the MEM industries at the beginning of the year has therefore given way to a certain amount of concern, especially as the energy crisis, rising interest rates and the strong franc threaten to make the situation even worse.


Last modification 07.12.2022

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