Replacement of payment slips – majority of companies have recognized the need for action

(28.07.2021) The latest study by gfs.bern on the replacement of the current payment slips shows that the majority of companies recognize the need for action. After 30 September 2022, payments will no longer be possible in Switzerland using the red and orange payment slips. By this date at the latest, all Swiss companies must be able to issue QR-bills.

Switch to QR-bill or eBill Now

Companies are now required to switch if they have not done so already. They also have to consider sending all payment documents at the beginning of the year, e.g. for instalments with due dates after the end date. The pressure to act here is even higher, since the companies actually need to switch to the QR-bill already at the beginning of 2022.

Need for action by invoice issuers with hardware and software solutions

The payment transactions and particularly the accounts payable and accounts receivable accounting of invoice issuers with hardware and software solutions need to be switched over in time. Companies that have not yet dealt with the conversion so far are advised to contact their bank and their software partner immediately. They will provide support with the work required for planning and migrating to the QR-bill or eBill.

For further information on the QR-bill and eBill, invoice recipients should contact their bank. Invoice issuers and companies with hardware and software solutions should also contact their bank and/or software partner.

Author: SIX


Last modification 28.07.2021

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