Content of an advertisement: What an advertisement should contain

When a company is trying to recruit staff, it should publish an advertisement. This should contain as much information as possible.

When a company publishes an advertisement, it is “applying” to potential applicants. It should describe the job and working environment in a way that reaches the target applicants. The particular attractions of a job should stand out in the advertisement; negative wording is to be avoided. The more important the position, the more detailed the advertisement should be.

  • Company: name, address, service it provides, purpose, size, legal structure, ownership situation (affiliation with a group), future prospects, site, etc.
  • Position: description of hierarchical position, activities and tasks, remit and level of independence, possibilities for development, management style and reasons for the advertisement.
  • Requirements: education and training, knowledge, professional experience, age, physical and psychological health and attitude required.
  • How to apply: whether or not contact by phone is preferred, type of application (e.g. by e-mail) and a contact person.

Last modification 07.05.2021

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