How to find staff

A company’s employees are one of its main assets. Here is an overview of different recruitment methods.

External recruitment of staff is playing an increasingly large and costly role for companies. But it does present significant advantages: people from outside the company contribute new ideas and new potential. However, integrating new employees can present some difficulties and entail lengthy training periods.

To find applicants, there are several options:




Internet search

  • Shorter training period
  • Stable salary level
  • Employee motivation
  • Familiar environment
  • Few comparisons possible
  • No advertising effect outside the company
  • Internal misunderstandings
  • No new ideas from outside the company


  • Big PR effect
  • Expensive

Media mix (more than one medium)

  • Broad distribution
  • Wider choice
  • Large-scale selection


  • Saves time thanks to external pre-selection
  • Expensive

Targeted discussion

  • Advantageous
  • Clear profile requirements
  • Restricted choice
  • Not available immediately

Direct contact (headhunting)

  • Saves time thanks to external pre-selection
  • Applicants’ qualities are known
  • Expensive
  • Does not have a very good reputation

Maintaining relations (schools, career adviser, etc.)

  • Good for company image
  • Not suitable if positions need filling immediately
  • Expensive

PR activities

  • Good for company image
  • Not suitable if positions need filling immediately
  • Expensive


  • Broad distribution
  • Often not very transparent

Regional work placement offices (RWPO)

  • Required profiles are known
  • Free
  • Quality of applicant is not always guaranteed
  • Pressure from consultants

Source: Marc A. Hermann / Clarisse Pifko, Staff Management

Personnel management consultant

If the company is looking for highly qualified staff or an executive, collaborating with a personnel management consultant can prove helpful. This consultant handles the majority of the recruitment process: organization of advertisements, media planning, choice of applicants. Collaboration with a personnel management consultant is also recommended if the company’s business must remain confidential. However, this form of searching for staff comes at a price: it may cost the equivalent of one or more times the monthly salary of the position to be filled.

Last modification 27.02.2020

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