Figures on SMEs: Establishment of companies

The establishment of companies in Switzerland has been progressing in recent years. Presentation of Recent Figures.

Switzerland saw the establishment of 43'037 companies in 2021, generating 59’559 jobs, according to the Federal Statistics Office (FSO). This represents, compared to 2020, a 5.7% increase in the number of companies founded and a 5.6% increase in jobs created.

The tertiary sector played a prominent role in the establishment of companies in Switzerland in 2021 representing 87.0% of new entities and 84.9% of new jobs. The Lake Geneva region counted the largest number of new companies, closely followed by Zurich.


In 2021, the large majority of new companies were established in the form of individual companies, followed by limited liability companies (Sàrl) and joint stock companies (SA).


More than three-quarters (82.1%) of new companies only employ one person, 15.8% between two and four people and 2.1% five people or more.


Source: FSO, Business demographics


Last modification 07.03.2024

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