Figures on SMEs: Essential Points in Brief

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Number of companies, financing methods, establishments or even closings: overview of principal statistics on Swiss SMEs.

SMEs play a fundamental role in the Swiss economy. According to the Federal Statistics Office (FSO), they represent more than 99% of companies and create two-thirds of the jobs in the country.

Given the importance of SMEs in Switzerland, many studies are dedicated to them every year. This section shows the principal results of these studies and offers links to additional information. Here are the subjects addressed:

Number of companies and jobs

SMEs form more than 99% of companies and create two-thirds of the jobs in Switzerland.

Establishment of Companies

The establishment of companies in Switzerland has remained at a relatively constant level in recent years.


Switzerland is well-placed in international entrepreneurship rankings. However, the country still has relatively few entrepreneurs.

Labor costs

The financial and insurance sector posts the highest average hourly cost in Switzerland.

Closing of Companies

To establish a company also involves running the risk of failure. After a few years, some enterprises are forced to shut down.

Total Revenues of Companies

The total revenues from Swiss industry continue to grow after experiencing a drop during the 2008 financial crisis.

Financing of Companies

Swiss SMEs are financed essentially with equity. But the importance of bank loans increases vis-à-vis the size of the company.

Company Taxation

The taxation of companies depends very much on the canton and the locality where they are located. The charge may vary from single to double.

Exports from Switzerland

To what regions does Swiss industry export and how is the trade balance of the country changing?

Transfer of Companies

The large majority of business successions are made within a family. It is still often difficult to find a purchaser.

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