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Georges T. Roos is a futurologist

"Megatrends like artificial intelligence will profoundly change the economy"

(15.06.2022) What does futurology tell us about the economy of tomorrow? A look at megatrends might avoid unexpected surprises.
interview max zeller söhne phytotherapy medical foreign markets smes exports advice standards innovation

"Our success is based on the medical community's trust"

(01.06.2022) In just ten years, the Max Zeller Söhne company has grown from twelve to thirty export markets. With 150 employees, the firm specializes in the production of phytotherapeutic drugs. A market leader in Switzerland, it has also succeeded in establishing itself in many Asian and Eastern European countries.
Pamela Coke-Hamilton, Executive Director of the ITC

"Global Trade Helpdesk is a platform to make trade happen"

(18.05.2022) Global Trade Helpdesk (GTH), completely revamped in 2020, is aimed at MSMEs worldwide. Pamela Coke-Hamilton, Executive Director of the International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva, explains how it functions and how SMEs can benefit from it.
transmission business succession advice SME Felco interview Nabil Francis

"Successful transfer relies on the proper combination of continuity and change"

(04.05.2022) Following 20 years in leadership roles in different parts of the world, Nabil Francis took over as CEO of Felco in 2021. Driven by the gardening craze, the company saw a significant increase in sales that year.
Philipp Berger, Head of the Labour Market Admission Division

Facilitating admission to the labor market for foreign nationals with a Swiss higher education degree

(20.04.2022) The Federal Council has submitted a draft law for consultation concerning third state nationals who have obtained a master's or doctorate from a Swiss university in a field where there is a shortage of qualified personnel.
Sandra Maurer, fiduciary expert

"Preservation of electronic invoices and accounting documents must comply with strict rules"

(06.04.2022) Electronic invoices are only eligible for VAT input tax deduction under certain conditions. Electronic accounting records must also be kept in accordance with certain requirements. Sandra Maurer, a fiduciary expert, explains.
Matthias Schaller, co-founder of the start-up Ratyng

"Solvency is assessed almost daily in trade transactions"

(16.03.2022) Existing procedures for securing credit are often long and complex for SMEs. Zurich-based Ratyng wants to simplify this process for borrowers and lenders. With this in mind, it has automated credit risk assessment and accordingly the loan application.
Thomas A. Zimmermann, Ambassador and Delegate of the Federal Council for Trade Agreements

"From an economic perspective, Brexit and disintegration are synonymous"

(02.03.2022) The United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union has been a major challenge for the Swiss economy. But ultimately, how has it impacted Swiss companies? And what effects are still evident today? Thomas A. Zimmermann, Head of Switzerland-UK Trade Negotiations at SECO, provides some insight.
Manu Broccard, professor at the University HES-SO Valais-Wallis

"Digitalization is bringing unprecedented opportunities for tourism"

(16.02.2022) In a study conducted by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland Valais-Wallis (HES-SO), just 22% of Swiss tourism organizations have a data management strategy. Yet, within the travel industry, reservations and data collection are almost exclusively online.
Daniel Reimann, Director of the Ospena Group

"Labour shortages also affect our restaurants"

(02.02.2022) The catering industry is one of the sectors most affected not only by the health crisis but also by lack of manpower. How is Ospena, an important group in this market, dealing with this difficult situation? CEO Daniel Reimann explains.
Swiss SMEs Companies Changes Adapting to the new law Data protection What to do? Data theft Interview Rafael Imboden Example Medicosearch

"If data theft occurs, it means that we have already failed"

(19.01.2022) A proactive, legally compliant data protection policy is essential for the reputation of a company. The Bern-based Medicosearch, which specializes in e-health, is convinced of this.
Martin Naville, Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce

"For an entrepreneur, the US market is the equivalent of the Champions League"

(05.01.2022) In the United States, Swiss Made is increasingly attracting more consumers and companies. The head of the Swiss-US Chamber of Commerce sheds light on Swiss SMEs wishing to break into this market.


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