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"If data theft occurs, it means that we have already failed"

(19.01.2022) A proactive, legally compliant data protection policy is essential for the reputation of a company. The Bern-based Medicosearch, which specializes in e-health, is convinced of this.
Martin Naville, Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce

"For an entrepreneur, the US market is the equivalent of the Champions League"

(05.01.2022) In the United States, Swiss Made is increasingly attracting more consumers and companies. The head of the Swiss-US Chamber of Commerce sheds light on Swiss SMEs wishing to break into this market.



"We’ve been sending only QR-bills to our customers"

(30.10.2020) Christian Renold, CEO of E. Thomann, explains why the long-established company is among the first movers with regard to issuing QR-bills.

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