"When talent is more important than a title, individuals can flourish"

The We Talents platform offers a central place for job offers and networking. It is the first platform in Switzerland to connect skills and activate networks.

Suitable talents for suitable jobs: in the We Talents marketplace, individuals and companies can find their next customers through artificial intelligence and offer their talents or projects and tenders. Founded in 2020 by Christian Klinner and Romano Strebel, who previously created the Ron Orp portal and the crowdify.net crowdfunding platform, We Talents is in contact with networking-oriented institutions such as associations, clubs and collectives, and the public sector. Through its newspaper, the platform raises awareness of topics such as New Work – i.e. new ways of working that promote freedom and independence – and future skills. We Talents is supported by its external partner Studio MK2, a company specializing in cultural projects. Fosca Tóth, CEO of Studio MK2, tells us about the project.

How was the collaboration between Studio MK2 and We Talents born?

Fosca Tóth: Studio MK2 is accustomed to collaborating on a project and skills basis for several years. This approach to work is typical of today's cultural industry. The company considers each communication project it is asked to work on from both an entrepreneurial and strategic point of view. Spotted by We Talents' founders Romano Strebel and Christian Klinner thanks to their network, we collaborate with the platform on mandates and offer a wide range of competencies, which allow us to develop brand image and communication in a targeted way.

Is We Talents a job platform?

Tóth: It is more than that: it is a New Work infrastructure, which promotes new ways of working. Moreover, everyone can be represented as an individual or organization and can become a potential partner of the network. Since this fall, the process has become even easier thanks to the Skill-Hub. This new tool can be used by entities such as regional promotion platforms – like Limmatstadt AG – or by movements like We Foodies, a community of food trucks. But it can also be used to promote talent and be used within companies to better visualize available skills. Studio MK2 seeks to exchange with users and then provides feedback to We Talents.

Where is your particular focus when working with We Talents?

Tóth: Testing new approaches, before developing them on a larger scale. In this way, we experiment with concrete strategic approaches and develop them based on the experience gained. This allows us to understand the market mechanisms better and to keep an eye on real needs.

What did you learn from your collaboration with We Talents?

Tóth: Everyone talks about skills and talent without really understanding what they are: a unique profile, consisting of specialized skills, fields of activity, knowledge and specific qualities. We Talents networks and actively uses skills and talents to open up new fields of action. When talent is more important than a title, individuals can flourish. On the other hand, We Talents was launched amid the pandemic and the new era of New Work – a period also marked by digital social innovations. The importance of skills in combination with digitization became clear, especially in sectors such as gastronomy, the mechanical, electrical and metal industries, and culture.

How does We Talents benefit SMEs?

Tóth: For a company, a presence on a skills-matching platform such as We Talents allows it to be found and to close contracts quickly. Marketing and HR services are provided simultaneously: a company's skills are visible, without the need to do anything. Visibility and connectivity are guaranteed, and business development is a positive side effect. While talents can also find a suitable company, the platform allows them to connect with potential B2C or B2B partners. Regardless of a person's professional status, the integrated payrolling service takes care of the administrative formalities and ensures a good working relationship.

What do you recommend to young entrepreneurs?

Tóth: Market access is essential for a business and networks allow for a wider range of opportunities while providing a sense of belonging and connection. Whether it's for positioning, representation, personal initiative or collaboration, we all rely on networks now. Communities like We Talents are no different from the classic associations we are used to in Switzerland, but they are more flexible. Start-ups, like all SMEs, can use a hub such as Skill Hub to structure themselves, either internally according to competencies, or externally to position themselves in a specific way and develop their leadership, for example.



Fosca Tóth, founder of Studio MK2 cultural company

Fosca Tóth is a cultural strategist and entrepreneur, specializing in branding. In 2020, she founded the company Studio MK2 with Mia Odermatt. We Talents was her first assignment. With the help of holistic strategies and concepts, she develops business areas for the private sector, the public sector and foundations and associations.

Last modification 21.12.2022

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