Isabelle Wildhaber, co-founder of the Law&Tech Lab at the University of St. Gallen

"More and more Swiss want to work remotely from abroad"

(15.05.2024) Employers need to adjust to changes in employees' lifestyles, including the growing trend of telecommuting and working from abroad. However, the legal and administrative risks associated with this practice often act as a deterrent for employers. Insights below from Isabelle Wildhaber, a specialist in commercial and digital law.
Hans Haueter, Director of Business Consulting at Gastroconsult

"The clientele has grown more discerning"

(01.05.2024) In recent years, the changing demands and increasing operational costs have presented a significant challenge for restaurateurs. How can they maintain competitiveness amidst these pressures? Insights from Hans Haueter, head of business consulting at Gastroconsult, offer valuable guidance.
Stefan P. Zosso, President of the Swiss-Panamanian Chamber of Commerce

"To do business in Panama, patience is key"

(16.04.2024) Over the past decade, Switzerland and Panama have enjoyed streamlined trade thanks to a free trade agreement. The local chamber of commerce provides insights into the market's specifics and advises on precautions that should be taken before venturing into it.
Nadja Meier Following OECD principles give SMEs a strategic edge

"Following OECD principles give SMEs a strategic edge"

(03.04.2024) Recognized in more than 50 countries, including Switzerland, the "code of conduct" for responsible multinational corporations has been updated. What's new, and why does it matter for SMEs? SECO expert Nadja Meier weighs in.
Sophie Hundertmark, researcher at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and University of Fribourg

"Companies are ignoring opportunities offered by artificial intelligence"

(20.03.2024) Are SMEs adequately equipped to harness the full potential of tools like ChatGPT? Here are the insights from Sophie Hundertmark, a researcher and author of two books on the topic.
Stefan Planzer, co-founder of the company Addvanto

"The four-day workweek has boosted our attractiveness"

(06.03.2024) The increase in productivity linked to technological progress has led some Swiss companies to reduce their workweek to four days. However, this change implies ensuring certain conditions. Stefan Planzer, director of the digital marketing firm Addvanto, shares insights after successfully implementing this change.
Sandro Nafzger, founder of Bug Bounty Switzerland

"In terms of cybersecurity, Switzerland is less agile than other countries"

(19.02.2024) In 2023, Swiss businesses faced a 61% increase in cyberattacks. How can one guard against such a threat? We discuss this with Sandro Nafzger, an "ethical hacker" and co-founder of Bug Bounty Switzerland.
Jürg Schmid, partner di Schmid Pelli & Partner

"Climate change impacts the entire tourism industry"

(07.02.2024) Tourism plays a vital role in the economies of Swiss mountain regions. How can the lasting success of this industry be ensured? Jürg Schmid, an industry expert and president of Grisons Tourism, shares his insights.
Marius Gerber, Director of the Human Capital Competence Center at ZHAW

"Work flexibilisation: it’s sometimes necessary to push back against individualization"

(24.01.2024) Working 100% in the same location is no longer in line with the preferences of a growing number of employees. What solutions should be considered in response to this trend? Expert advice follows.
Marc K. Peter, director of the "Digital Transformation" competence center at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)

"SMEs should leverage the potential of digital technologies more effectively"

(03.01.2024) How can you successfully achieve the digital transformation of your SME? Here is some advice from Marc K. Peter, author of a recent guide on the subject.

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