Quality management systems: advantages

Introducing a quality management system presents multiple advantages. It promotes access to the market and allows savings to be made. 

A quality management system supports the company in the following key ways:

  • Better access to the market. In a globalized environment, having a certified QMS allows a company to demonstrate that its quality and process guarantee is constantly being put to the test. In many sectors, such as the automobile industry, this certification is an essential requirement for doing business.
  • Better quality at lower cost. Quality management ensures quality in the preliminary phases of the design process. Errors are detected from the outset, which markedly reduces costs in relation to the final testing procedure.
  • Savings. The company makes savings, given the lower number of rejects produced. And so costs are lower when purchasing raw materials and recycling.
  • Systematic awareness of employee quality. A QMS makes it possible to involve all of a company's employees (not just quality assurance experts) in the quality assurance process.
  • Transparent company procedures. The company's procedures are documented and described. They thus become transparent and allow improvements to be made. Problems are identified and resolved promptly.
  • Guarantee of improvements achieved. A QMS helps guarantee long-term optimization, because the improved procedures and processes become the “practice to be adopted” and, therefore, standards.
  • Constructive error culture. When working and developing, errors occur. A positive error culture encourages employees and the company to innovate. However, there are activities for which avoiding error is necessary. A QMS helps avoid errors preventively, by systematically examining and processing reasons for errors.
  • Better knowledge transfer. Documented and described working procedures and processes facilitate the effective transfer of the company’s know-how. This simplifies the induction of new employees.

Last modification 20.02.2020

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