Standards and quality guarantees/labels offered in Switzerland

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Certifications and certificates are important both for the economy and for SMEs. Only a handful of products and services are not affected by such accreditation schemes. 

Companies undergo a certification procedure involving an independent third party  which assesses the conformity of their products, processes, working practices, services or the skills of their employees and certifies their suitability by the means of certificates. The control criteria are determined using standards or technical specifications.

Despite the cost involved, certification implies that purchasers (either companies or individuals) are guaranteed that the products and services they are buying provide a certain level of security and quality. These guarantees do not only relate to the quality of the manufacturing, but they are also based on selective criteria. These criteria include items such as (quality) labels, certificates and conformity attestations.

Source: Swiss Accreditation Service SAS, last changed: June 29, 2016


Last modification 24.03.2020

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