Auditor qualification requirements

An auditor must have specific personal skills. These include integrity, open-mindedness and tenacity. 

Audits are conducted and completed by one or more auditors, i.e. individuals with the qualifications to carry out audits.

The ISO defines qualifications as “demonstrated personal qualities and the ability to apply knowledge and aptitude”.

In the chapter “Auditor competence and evaluation”, ISO 19011 defines the following characteristics:

  • Personal qualities (for example, integrity, open-mindedness, diplomacy, sense of observation, perspicacity, tenacity, sense of decision-making, autonomy)
  • Knowledge of management systems
  • Specific (technical) knowledge in the area to be audited
  • Training
  • Professional experience
  • Auditor training
  • Experience as an auditor

This ISO standard provides guidelines for the various aspects of an audit. It is up to users to deduce the requirements relevant to their specific case.

Last modification 25.03.2021

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