Marketing tools: Market research, advertising, the Internet

Marketing can be launched using a multitude of channels (TV, Internet, radio). But before you start, you should know how much it will cost and who to target.

There is a range of tools to help launch a marketing campaign. You will pay for some; others are free. Some are used in the physical world, others on the web. Some have been around for over a hundred years, others have emerged in the last few.

But none of these methods is used by itself. Marketing is an integrated process: you select a range of tools—depending on your goals—which you will deploy simultaneously. This is known as the marketing mix. A company wanting to introduce a new energy drink on the market will, for example, choose to carry out market research, create a website and launch an advertising campaign on social networks. On the day of the product launch, it will organize a guerrilla marketing operation. However, it will choose not to send mail or shoot a TV commercial.

Last modification 16.02.2020

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