Adjusting work stations and workloads

Appropriate workloads and carefully planned installation of equipment: useful ways of preventing stress and accidents. 

For a company boss, the smooth running of the business also entails the health and satisfaction of its employees. The employer needs to plan the fitting out of work stations in a concern for safety and comfort. It also needs to consider realistic workloads for its employees.

It is the employer’s responsibility to provide the necessary conditions so that its employees do not suffer from overwork or have accidents. Health problems associated with an unsuitable adjustment of work station or workload can be prevented by paying attention, in particular, to the following points:

  • The ergonomics of work stations and work tools (machines, chairs, configuration of stations with computer screens);
  • Avoiding excess physical strain (use of physical strength, posture held for a long time, repetitive movements);
  • Not imposing an unsuitable workload (neither too much nor too little, reasonable deadlines, etc.).


Last modification 29.06.2020

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