Leadership Lab: a portal to assess your company's needs

The Leadership Lab, a new campaign launched by five occupational health and safety organizations, raises awareness about these issues in small companies.

The Leadership Lab, whose slogan is: "Your commitment to health and safety benefits your business", was jointly initiated by five occupational health and safety organizations. It provides information and promotes preventive health and safety measures in the workplace.

The campaign is mainly aimed at the 115,000 small Swiss companies in the service sector. These businesses, with less than 50 employees, are often poorly structured with only one person taking on many management duties and a heavy workload. Consequently, operational efficiency, safety at work and employee health may not always be ensured.

The online portal provides a practical guide and a self-test to help executives assess their company's current performance ("What has already been implemented in the company? What can still be improved?"). It also includes links to practical services that can help them. The campaign will run through 2024.


Last modification 22.02.2022

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