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What's the best choice: SA or Sàrl?

(03.05.2023) Many entrepreneurs hesitate to convert the legal structure of their company to a public limited company (SA) as soon as the generated revenues or raised funds allow it. This significant step presents advantages for stakeholders and investors. However, the limited liability company (Sàrl) is becoming increasingly popular.
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Artificial intelligence, the new Eldorado of human resources

(05.04.2023) For about a decade now, information technology has been increasingly used in recruitment procedures. However, this practice is not unanimously accepted. In Switzerland, a software program is attempting to reconcile artificial intelligence (AI) and ethics.
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Data protection: what you should know

(01.03.2023) The new Data Protection Act (FADP) comes into force on September 1, 2023. All companies in Switzerland are affected, including SMEs. Here are some of the details.
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SMEs in the digital age

(01.02.2023) The rise of technology has brought the promise of automation and simplification of many tasks and is boosting the productivity of businesses. However, there are numerous challenges involved in implementing the digitization process.
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Why SMEs should leverage digital data

(04.01.2022) Data is a rich and complex source of information. It often has significant economic potential for companies.

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