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Equal pay on the right track

(01.06.2022) Since the 2020 revision of the Gender Equality Act companies with over 100 employees are required to check for potential pay discrimination in their organization. Initial results have been positive with just one in twenty companies found to have gross gender inequalities.
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Online retailing: winning recipes

(04.05.2022) E-commerce continues to grow after an exceptionally strong performance in 2020. Here's an overview of the major trends in the sector, from multi-channel to online food.
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Overdue and defaulted payments: what to do?

(06.04.2022) Late payments or payment defaults are a cause for concern for companies, but they tend to have a greater impact on the cash flow of SMEs than on that of larger organizations. Here is a summary of the main steps to take when dealing with a difficult client.
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The crisis is driving new business models

(02.03.2022) The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many entrepreneurs to review or refine their company's business model. Here are some testimonials.
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Benefits of mentorship

(02.02.2022) Entrepreneurial mentoring originated in Canada and is now a widespread practice in Switzerland. The mentor is usually a more experienced professional who provides support to the young entrepreneur in order to help him/her refine his/her project.
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Buying an SME: the five essentials

(05.01.2022) Buying an SME rather than starting a new one has many advantages. As long as you follow some good advice.

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