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How to effectively plan your cash flow?

(05.06.2024) Nearly nine out of ten bankruptcies are due to cash flow shortages. This issue affects both struggling businesses and those that are perfectly profitable. How can you guard against it? Three experts share their insights.
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Improving integration of refugees into the workforce

(01.05.2024) Despite being a valuable potential workforce for businesses, refugees often struggle to integrate into the professional world. Yet, a considerable portion of this population possesses solid educational backgrounds.
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Is starting a business part-time a good idea?

(03.04.2024) Launching a startup while retaining your full-time job offers numerous benefits, particularly in the early stages of striking out on your own. However, managing both commitments effectively demands a strong support network and the ability to delegate. Here's some advice and a firsthand account.
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Retirement planning for independents: what you need to know

(06.03.2024) Independent entrepreneurs are responsible for financing their own retirement. Here’s a recap of the key points to understand and expert advice.
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Entreprises: successfully planning for business succession

(07.02.2024) One out of three SMEs disappears in Switzerland due to a lack of successors. Business succession is a fundamental challenge to ensure the continuity and success of an enterprise. The necessary steps for its execution are often complex and require several years of preparation.
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How to reduce employee absences due to stress?

(03.01.2024) Burnout and emotional exhaustion contribute to a growing number of sick leaves in Switzerland. Some companies are taking measures, following recommendations from Health Promotion Switzerland, to improve the well-being of their employees.

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