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Freelancers: the art of communicating to get known

(07.09.2022) Every entrepreneur who is starting out should be aware of this: selling your services and products entails being able to get people talking about you. In the era of social media, communication channels are multiple and continue to evolve. Let's take a look at them.
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Five tips to "prioritize" and stick to tasks

(03.08.2022) Urgent matters and demands keep on increasing for company executives and managers. Knowing how to determine the importance of your tasks to make the best use of your resources has become a priority.
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Agricultural training: the next generation is sustainable

(06.07.2022) Farmers in Switzerland are adapting to meet the challenges of today, from new consumer demands to environmental concerns. In specialist schools, training is evolving to carry on the transition towards more sustainable models.
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Equal pay on the right track

(01.06.2022) Since the 2020 revision of the Gender Equality Act companies with over 100 employees are required to check for potential pay discrimination in their organization. Initial results have been positive with just one in twenty companies found to have gross gender inequalities.
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Online retailing: winning recipes

(04.05.2022) E-commerce continues to grow after an exceptionally strong performance in 2020. Here's an overview of the major trends in the sector, from multi-channel to online food.
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Overdue and defaulted payments: what to do?

(06.04.2022) Late payments or payment defaults are a cause for concern for companies, but they tend to have a greater impact on the cash flow of SMEs than on that of larger organizations. Here is a summary of the main steps to take when dealing with a difficult client.

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