Replacement of payment slips on 30 September 2022: Have you switched to QR-bill or eBill yet?

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After 30 September, today’s payment slips will become obsolete and will no longer be processed by financial institutions. This is why it is high time for companies to switch over.

It is now essential for invoice issuers to make a transition to QR-bill or eBill still in time. Only if an invoice issuer makes a timely change by 30 September will financial institutions be able to smoothly continue to process payments made by invoice recipients.

Observe payment deadlines

When sending invoices based on the current payment slips for the last time, particular attention should be paid to the delivery time by mail and all due dates. Please send only invoices with a QR payment part or eBill as soon as possible.

Timely conversion of standing orders required

A timely switchover of standing orders based on orange payment slips (ISR) is also to be considered. In this case, invoice issuers are expected to notify their invoice recipients of the required adjustment. Invoice recipients, for their part, should proactively verify their ongoing standing orders and adapt them to the new QR-bill with QR-IBAN and QR reference. Following 30 September, standing orders based on ISR will also no longer be executed.

Invoice issuers: Act now!

Companies that have not yet dealt with the changeover are advised to contact their bank and software partner immediately. They will provide support with the required planning and work related to the switch to QR-bill. Payment transactions and, in particular, the accounts payable and accounts receivable of invoice issuers with hardware and software solutions need to be switched over in good time.


For more information about QR-bill and eBill, invoice issuers and companies get in touch with their bank and/or software partner.

Further information on invoicing is available here:

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Don’t forget about the perforation:

If a QR-bill is issued in paper, perforation between the invoice information and the payment part, as well as between the payment part and the receipt, is mandatory. This should not be forgotten under any circumstances when creating an invoice because the perforation is absolutely necessary for automated processing of QR-bills in paper form. In addition, the perforation is an important guidance for people with visual impairment.

Last modification 29.08.2022

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