Introduction of the QR-bill – What you need to know

The first QR-bills may be sent to you on June 30, 2020. This is a challenge for all invoice recipients in Switzerland when making payments using software or hardware support. It’s all about adapting them. The time required depends on the complexity of the infrastructure. It's worthwhile to plan ahead of time.

Significant market support

The QR-bill replaces the payment slip introduced more than a 100 years ago. Expectations are even higher. In order to meet all the requirements, the Swiss financial center conducted a consultation process last autumn and received feedback from representatives of all market players, which was welcomed.

Workshops and qualitative discussions were held with client companies that are large invoice recipients or have high billing rates. Private clients focused on the QR-bill during a user test. Based on comments received, the financial center decided to adopt a few proposals including the mandatory perforation for paper payments and the introduction of the receipt.

The QR-bill is not only a digital progress but is also accepted by invoice recipients who wish to pay at the post office counter or by mail.

Author: SIX Interbank Clearing (March 2019)


Last modification 09.04.2019

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