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Five tips for retaining employees

(06.12.2023) In a context marked by labor market tensions and competition from large companies, SMEs sometimes need to double their efforts to retain their qualified employees. Expert advice and feedback from a young SME.
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Is automating marketing a solution for SMEs?

(01.11.2023) Information technology solutions enable the optimization of communication, but how should you go about it, which tools should you choose, and what are the advantages? We’ve rounded up some expert advice and testimonials.
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Creating an association, how and why?

(04.10.2023) Associations must pursue a non-profit purpose, but the law allows them to engage in commercial activities to finance their operations. However, this legal form prohibits a profit motive. How can one define the limit between resources necessary for the functioning of an association and profits?
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Seniors: an SME asset

(06.09.2023) As the proportion of active seniors in the labor market increases, Swiss companies must contemplate how to capitalize on this experienced professional resource.
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Five tips for building long-term customer loyalty

(05.07.2023) Every year, businesses lose an average of 10% to 15% of their customer base, whether in business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships. However, there are strategies to reduce these losses.
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How to prepare an SME for cyber attacks

(07.06.2023) What are the most effective ways of defending yourself against cybercriminals? Here's some practical advice.

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