Promoting business innovation

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Innovation capacity plays a key role in SMEs, allowing them to remain competitive and stand out from others. Innosuisse, the Swiss innovation agency, helps them with this process.

A federal entity with a separate legal identity, Innosuisse supports innovative projects which, without funding, could not be implemented or whose market potential would remain untapped. Its role is to assure the success of Swiss start-ups, innovative products and services and it promotes collaboration between science and the economy through networking, training and coaching (find out more about Innosuisse’s mission).

Three objectives of the 2021-2024 programme

According to the Federal Council's strategic objectives for 2021-2024 (PDF, 140 kB, 02.09.2021), Innosuisse is focusing its activities as follows:

1. Encouragement for innovation: the policies put in place are based on economic and societal advantages as well as on maintaining value-creation within the country.

2. Collaboration: Innosuisse aims to intensify its exchanges with national and international stakeholders in its promotion of innovation. This increased collaboration will support the competitiveness of companies and Switzerland as an economic center, thus eliminating duplication and maximizing potential synergies.

3. Efficiency and adapting to different needs: innovation encouragement begins with the needs of SMEs and should be continuously optimized. Also taken into account are the needs of SMEs and their partners in non-technological fields.

Four key policies

To carry out its tasks effectively, Innosuisse utilizes the following tools:

1. Innovation projects: to help entrepreneurs realize an idea, Innosuisse offers financial and support incentives. It also encourages partnerships between the economy and research. Start your innovation project (Innosuisse).

2. Support for start-ups: Innosuisse delivers targeted training to young entrepreneurs and supports company founders with professional coaching. Start and grow your business (Innosuisse).

3. Internationalization: Innosuisse helps SMEs and start-ups find international partners. It advises on funding programs and worldwide invitations to tender. Go Global (Innosuisse, 2019)

4. Networking support: Innosuisse offers mentoring programs to companies and gives them access to National Thematic Networks (NTN). It encourages events that facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology. Be Connected (Innosuisse)


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