Daily allowance insurance in the event of earning incapacity and loss of earnings

Entrepreneurs shouldacquire social insurance for themselves and any employees. Here is an overview of daily allowance insurance and insurance in the event of earning incapacity and loss of earnings.

Entrepreneurs are advised to take out daily allowance insurance, as it covers loss of income in the event of illness. They are also advised to take out insurance in the event of earning incapacity. After the expiration of the daily allowance insurance (after two years), it guarantees a suitable annuity.

In the case of illness, entrepreneurs are required to continue to pay their employees for a certain period. The duration of this payment is not fixed by law, but case law sets a minimum period of three weeks during the first year of work. It is also based on what are known as the Bern, Basel and Zurich scales.

Employers can purchase coverage for this risk from health insurance offices or private insurers. Half of the premiums may be invoiced to personnel.

Last modification 27.02.2020

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