Occupational accident insurance (OAI) and non-occupational accident insurance (NOAI)

Entrepreneurs need to get national insurance for themselves and any employees. Presentation of obligations in terms of occupational accident insurance (OAI) and non-occupational accident insurance (NOAI). 

Accident Insurance, governed by the Federal Law on Accident Insurance (UV) and its Order (OLAA) covers the medical costs due to an accident. A distinction needs to be made between occupational accident insurance (OAI) and non-occupational accident insurance (NOAI).  

Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI): 

Swiss companies must insure their employees against occupational accidents. OAI is mandatory for workers employed in Switzerland, including home workers, apprentices, interns, volunteers and also people working in vocational colleges or protected workshops. Premiums are payable by the employer. The obligation also applies to self-employed individuals and therefore to founders of capital companies (limited companies, limited liability companies), considered to be salaried employees. The entrepreneur can take out insurance with the Suva [the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund] or via collective occupational insurance, according to the UV

In many sectors, self-employed workers can take out occupational insurance with the Suva. For other sectors, insurers and health insurance offices offer compliant products. Private companies also offer accident insurance according to the UV. However, benefits and conditions are sometimes substantial. 

Accident insurance covers treatment costs and allocates daily allowances. In addition, in the event of disability due to an accident, it pays the annuity and supports survivors after the death of the contributor.  

Non-Occupational Accident Insurance (NOAI): 

If a person works at least 8 hours a week at the same company, they are compulsorily insured against occupational and non-occupational accidents. NOAI premiums are covered by the employee: the employer pays them with OAI premiums at the beginning of the year and then deducts NOAI premiums on a monthly basis from the employee’s salary. 

For employees working fewer than 8 hours a week, non-occupational accidents are not insured. To be covered however, these individuals must take out insurance themselves with their mandatory health insurance office or their insurance adviser. One exception should be noted: for these reduced part-time workers, accidents on the shortest work-home commute are insured with OAI.


Last modification 07.05.2021

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