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Practical tips for running a business successfully: innovation methods, marketing tools, product certification and much more.

Information on marketing tools and techniques to increase one's business sales

Marketing and marketing concept: tools to increase sales

Marketing cannot be summarized as solely market analysis and advertising. A well thought-out strategy guarantees long-term growth. Find out more.

Advice concerning intellectual property

Intellectual property: Protect your innovations and creations

How do you protect your technical inventions and other designs, such as your logo and product names? A guide.

Tips and explanations for the best use of social networks

Social networks: Best practices guide

Social networks help you get closer to your customers. But good online communication means following certain rules.

Useful tips on how to benefit from online business

E-commerce: creating ergonomic and secure websites

What do you need to consider when creating an online store? Here is an overview covering issues such as general conditions, SuisseID, and payment methods.

Information about Swiss standards and labels

Standards and quality guarantees/labels offered in Switzerland

ISO standards, environmental protection labels, technical control acronyms: presentation of the main certification bodies.

Tips with regard to computing infrastructure and security

Computers, IT security and infrastructure: tips

IT security, effective information technology and appropriate means of communication all contribute greatly to a company's success.

Useful tips for responding to a call for public tenders

Public procurement: Answering a call for tenders

Companies can take part in calls for tenders offered by the Confederation, cantons and communes on the platform.

Description of the key elements of labelling in Switzerland

Labeling and pricing: what is the system?

From consumers requiring increasingly detailed information to constantly changing regulations, it is difficult to know what information should appear on a product and how it should be displayed. Here are the key labeling requirements in Switzerland.


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