Promoting innovation: Innosuisse initiatives

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The Swiss innovation agency is committed to promoting start-ups and businesses. Here is an introduction. 

The role of Innosuisse is to promote science-based innovation to benefit both the economy and society. Innosuisse operates in three different areas: 

  • Encouraging start-ups and entrepreneurship
  • Encouraging innovation projects
  • International cooperation

Start-ups and entrepreneurship

Innosuisse supports the creation and growth of start-ups. The agency primarily uses two tools for this purpose:  

  • Start-up Coaching. A business coach provides personalized guidance to people who wish to set up a company or who have already created a start-up and wish to develop it. The program is subdivided into three levels. Level one consists of analyzing the feasibility of a business concept and developing it. Level two involves developing a strategy, then setting up a company and gaining access to the market. Level three focuses on the company’s growth plan, financing and networking.
  • Start-up Training. This training program is for people wishing to acquire entrepreneurial knowledge or to perfect their knowledge. It is subdivided into four separate modules, imparted throughout Switzerland by around 120 trainers: Business Ideas, Business Concept, Business Creation and Business Growth.  

Innovation projects

Innosuisse supports science-based innovation projects in companies. The agency primarily uses three tools for this purpose: 

  • Mentoring. A mentor provides guidance to SMEs with fewer than 250 employees that have an innovative idea. The role of a mentor consists of providing access to technology and helping companies put together an innovative project with a public research partner.
  • Innovation check. This program is for start-ups and SMEs with fewer than 250 employees. The check allows companies to benefit from research services amounting to up to a maximum of CHF 15,000 from a public research partner. 
  • Joint financing. Innosuisse co-funds projects carried out jointly by companies and research institutions.

International cooperation

Innosuisse plans to strengthen its endeavors in terms of international cooperation. Its approach relies on three tools:

  • Internationalization camps. Innosuisse offers innovative start-ups hoping to expand internationally the opportunity to discover the international hubs of entrepreneurship: China, India, the U.S., Brazil and the UK. 
  • International research networks. At times, international research skills are required to move a project forward. Innosuisse allows companies to access three international research networks.
  • EEN Switzerland. The Enterprise Europe Network helps SMEs develop international cooperation projects. It provides specific advice on support and funding options.

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Last modification 27.09.2019

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