Making the most of social networks

Social networks are an important communications channel for all companies, especially those with e-commerce sites. They allow businesses to have greater visibility and expand their customer base.

Used by nearly 60% of companies in Switzerland (FSO 2021 data), social networks have become a crucial communication tool. The top six social media sites in Switzerland are Instagram (3.7 million active users), LinkedIn (3.5 million), Facebook (3.2 million), Snapchat (2.05 million), TikTok (1.72 million) and Pinterest (1.58 million), according to 2022 data from Statista.

Social network sites have given rise to a new type of marketing – social media marketing – and to the new field of community managers, whose job is to manage exchanges with internet users on social networks. Some major brands allocate significant budgets to this type of communication.

Increasing visibility

For businesses, using social media can be an extremely effective way to increase visibility. Comprehensive guidance and advice on the commercial usage of social media, by dedicated web agencies, is readily available on the internet. The number of comments and feedback from internet users is a better indicator of the success of a of a company web page on a given social network site than the number of followers.

Some social media networks, such as Facebook, even offer various paid-for advertising solutions. A company can carry out targeted online promotions for its profile or website. It can also pay to broadcast its news more effectively to its targeted audiences. The price of advertising varies depending on the number of clicks or views.

Rule for using social networks

All social networks have conditions of use which define companies’ options in terms of advertising messages. If the conditions are not respected, social networks can ban companies without any further warning, which can have serious consequences on their image. These documents therefore need to be read carefully before a page is created.

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Last modification 29.09.2022

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