Making the most of social networks

Social networks such as Facebook represent a huge communications opportunity for e-commerce websites. They allow traders to increase their visibility and expand their customer base. 

Since they are used by most internet users, social networks have become vital communication platforms. They have given rise to a new type of marketing – social media marketing – and to the new field of community managers, whose job is to manage exchanges with internet users on social networks. Some major brands allocate significant budgets to this type of communication. 

Increasing visibility on Facebook

Facebook has more than three million users in Switzerland, so creating a Facebook page can be a very useful way of raising your profile. How do you manage an e-commerce page? Here are a few tips:

  • Appoint someone within the company to manage it
  • Determine the tone to be adopted beforehand
  • Post company news regularly
  • Respond to all comments from internet users
  • Ask followers questions on a regular basis

The number of comments and feedback from internet users is a better indicator of the success of a Facebook page than the number of followers.

Facebook also offers various kind of paid-for advertising solutions. A company can launch targeted promotions from its Facebook page or its website. It can also pay to distribute its news more effectively within the community of followers and their friends. The price of advertising varies depending on the number of clicks or displays. 

Rule for using social networks

All social networks have conditions of use which define companies’ options in terms of advertising messages. If the conditions are not respected, social networks can ban companies without any further warning, which can have serious consequences on their image. These documents therefore need to be read carefully before a page is created.

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Last modification 17.07.2018

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