Benefits of Swissdec-certified accounting

Companies carrying out payroll accounting must regularly submit wage information, particularly for social security purposes. The use of software certified by Swissdec makes it possible to transfer this data to the competent agencies in a single click.

Payroll accounting is a complex process which uses a lot of entrepreneurs’ energy. Swissdec offers a standardized model to make it simpler. The association offers a quality label for accounting systems as well as a means of directly transferring the company's payroll data to the competent offices. Recipients include the Old-Age and Survivors' (AVS) compensation office, the CAF family allowance office, the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (SUVA), the tax authorities, the federal statistical office (OFS) and various insurers (accident insurance, complementary accident insurance, daily sickness allowance and occupational pension insurance). These agencies – or the umbrella organizations representing them – are members of the Swissdec association.

Simple, convenient and fast payroll data transfer

With Swissdec-certified software, the data is transmitted to the registered agencies in electronic form via a “distributor”, according to the Swiss payroll standard called ELM. Payroll data is sent directly to the relevant addresses from the accounts ledger. This allows companies to avoid filling out multiple forms. The advantages of this system are:

• reduction in workload for payroll reporting and lower administrative costs;
• no laborious verifications;
• no excessive bonuses and time-consuming corrections.

Here is a list of Swissdec-certified software. Software publishers will be able to provide more details of the cost of their programs.


Last modification 21.02.2020

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