Replacement of Payment Slips on 30 September 2022: Switch to QR-bill or eBill Now

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(06.04.2022) As of 30 September this year, PostFinance will take the current payment slips off the market. It is now high time for companies to switch. After 30 September, financial institutions will no longer process red or orange payment slips – neither online nor at the counter.

It is important for invoice issuers to switch to QR-bill or eBill now. Invoice recipients’ payments can only continue to be processed without problems by financial institutions if invoice issuers make the switch in a timely manner by no later than 30 September. In particular, the delivery time by mail and the payment deadline when sending invoices based on the current payment slips for the last time must also be taken into account.

Timely switch of standing orders required

A timely switch of standing orders based on the orange payment slips (ISR) must also be ensured. Here, the invoice issuers must inform the invoice recipients of the required adjustment. Invoice recipients should check their current standing orders and adjust the account details in line with the QR-bill with the QR-IBAN and QR reference. ISR-based standing orders will also no longer be executed after 30 September.

Invoice issuers: Act now!

Companies that have not yet dealt with the switch so far are advised to contact their bank and their software partner immediately. They will provide support with the work required for planning and switching over to the QR-bill.

For further information on the QR-bill and eBill, invoice recipients should contact their bank. Invoice issuers and companies with hardware and software solutions should also contact their bank and/or software partner.

Further information on invoicing is available here:

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Don’t forget perforation

If the QR-bill is issued in paper form, a perforation between the invoice information and the payment section and between the payment section and the receipt is mandatory. This should never be forgotten when issuing invoices, as the perforation is essential for automated processing of the QR-bill. In addition, it is an important orientation feature for people with visual impairments.

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